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Meet the Llamas

Chrislyn Laurore '16: Co-Director

Hometown: Palm Beach, Florida

Major: Anthropology and Africana Studies

Interests: Music (in general), reading, writing, laughing, sleeping, going to the beach

Sydney Jacobs Allen '18: Co-Director

Hometown: Oakland, California

Major: Undecided

Interests:  Baking with my mom, snuggling with my dog, watching football with my sister (Niners!), playing soccer, musical theater

Audrey Hildebrandt '16: Business Manager

Hometown: Carver, Massachusetts

Major: Neuroscience and Behavior

Interests: Dance, travel, the great outdoors

Sonia Mohammadzadah '18: Assistant Business Manager

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Major: English

Interests:  Music, travel, reading, writing, photography, volunteering

Elyse Kiehn '18: Social Chair

Hometown: Caribou, Maine

Major: Undecided

Interests: Violin, mandolin, writing, gnomes, musical theater, catching up on show to avoid my assignments

Teagan Webb '18: Treasurer

Hometown:  Longmont, Colorado

Major: Neuroscience and Behavior

Interests: Singing, playing ukulele, watching parks and rec, and climbing mountains

Mutia Assyifa '16

Hometown: Bandung, Indonesia

Major: Biology

Interests: Cooking, sweater weather, listening to jazz while getting ready in the morning, being excited about polypeptides because everyone is!

Talia Gonzales '18

Hometown: Cranford, New Jersey

Major: Undecided

Interests: Laughing, dessert, belting showtunes when no one's around, listening to Jim Sturgess, dreaming about Danny Castellano

Toni Gonzales '17: (Abroad Fall 2015)

Hometown: Cranford, New Jersey

Major: Anthropology

Interests: Vball, crime shows, Jane Austen, ice cream, deep conversations, British accents, Asian babies, Mindy Kaling

Olivia Kalm '17: (Abroad Fall 2015)

Hometown: Niskayuna, New York

Major: Environmental Studies

Interests: Dancing, singing, family, everything Disney, science, perfecting the cat-eye look, and pumpkin-flavored things

Haley Robinson '17: (Abroad Fall 2015 - Spring 2016)

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Major: Spanish

Interests: Traveling, dancing, (musical) theatre, profound conversations, progressively deconstructing the patriarchy